Learning and Growing Together

Learning and Growing Together

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Hello All! We are up and running at CRCS! Please check back here for updates!

Chicka Chicka Trees

Name Graphing!

Shape Pizzas!

Monday, June 20, 2016

End of the Year

Well folks... we made it. The start of summer is here! I took the weekend and went camping! Now I'm back at school, doing some cleaning and getting ready for the big change over for our new year of kiddos.  This time of the year is always bitter sweet. As I clean, I keep coming across little momentos of my kiddos, (a name tag here, a favorite book there... the glue stick glued to the UNDERSIDE of that little rascals seat... *nostalgic sigh*). Truly, I am always looking to hit the refresh button by the beginning of June, feeling like I am no longer the best version of myself for my learners, but oh how I miss them!  I hope each and every one of you are off to a wonderful start to your summer!

We had a fun packed last two weeks of school! When I left off, I described R "Rainbow Day"

School Sleepover Day
Everyone was comfy and cozy! Learners wore PJs, brought blankets and "stuffies" and we spent the day lounging around in a sleepover party format! We did buddy reading within in the classroom (who doesn't want a good bedtime story?), played games and as a treat watched a movie!

Tee Off Day
This was an extremely fun and successful day! We started off at Gifford's and played a round (or more!) of mini golf, we then took the party to Coburn park where students played all kinds of lawn/field games, had a picnic lunch and then an ice cream treat! Definitely a hit!

USA Day: We got our Red, White and Blue ON today!

Very Fun Field Trip (to Lake George)... This trip was a tad chilly... but that didn't stop our little swimmers, despite barely 60 degree temps and 25mile an hour wind... students took the plunge. In the end, the temperature and the wind got the best of us and we left a bit early, but many students still stated it was their favorite activity of the year!

Wacky T-Shirt Day
By far one of my favorite days! I spent a good part of the Saturday prior to this creating a stencil and hand-stenciling personalized shirts for each kiddo to be signed by the entire class! A true labor of love... it is that kind of project that I LOVE doing! (just like their hats back in December!) Students signed each shirt (not an easy task... it is hard to write on t-shirts!) and then helped me tie and dye the shirts. Thank you to my volunteer who showed up to help with the dying... I was indeed... "dying"... all by myself!  I think the shirts came out great!
Signing shirts took a while!

and major concentration!

We found out that elastics can be sneaky little buggers!

(This and  the following not taken on tie dye day... but it shows the results!)

eXtra Fun Field Day
Oh my goodness did we have fun on field day! Thank you to our PTF who organized the whole thing! As a teacher it is great to just be able to follow directions for the day! Kids had fun with activities including relays, dunk tank, sling shots, painting, ladder ball, face painting (I got to paint captain america shields, cat faces and a dragon!) Karaoke singing and watching the faculty make a fool of themselves! Total win!



dunk tank

Just some together time!

There has never been a cooler group of kids... nor will there ever be!

Your Choice
The students actually surprised me with their choices... which game me insight that perhaps I should do more intentional "your choice" days to get a feel for what they like that we do (I told them they taught me something, and boy were they proud!) Activities included: Candyland (and more, and more Candyland!), drawing with chalk outside, cleaning up trash outside, using blocks to build castles, puzzles, making paper people, mixing and using paint,  and a group coloring project! Way to go team! Great choices!

Zip and Zoom to Summer
Always a bitter sweet day, the last day of school... Students reflected on the year, looked forward to summer and next year and enjoyed each other's company. Many family members joined us for an awards celebration, picture slideshow and classroom celebration!

These kids have grown so much this year! I could not be more proud of them!  Please contact me with any questions you may have regarding summer work, for the link for the slideshow, or just to tell me about the summer so far! I love hearing from everyone!
Have a wonderful summer! Signing off for now....

Mrs. Scribner

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

End of the Year Shenanigans

Hello all!

We are very busy here in the classroom at the end of the hall! Phew. I am barely keeping up!

We have started with our year end ABC countdown. The following is an overview! I have been HORRIBLE about taking pictures (this is shocking given my track record... my computer hardrive is FULL thanks to pictures... but I have been so into our activities I don't even think to take it out!)

Art Day
We completed some art projects during the day! Super fun!

Blue Day
Many students wore blue!

Career Day:
Boy, do these students have some high goals! Construction workers, machinist, an astronaut-doctor- hairdresser, lots of medical professionals. I have decided I am set if I ever need a house, medical care or a new hairstyle (or feel like going into outer space) I am ALL set. The perks of being a teacher!

Dear Day
We dropped everything and read... a lot...

Exercise Day
I made it my personal mission to tire these guys out! We jumped, spun, hopped, skipped and ran our way through the day! Don't mess with a Zumba fan... energy for days!

Favorite Book Day
Students brought a favorite book from home or chose a favorite classroom book. We invited an older classroom to visit and read the books to buddies. IT was a great community activity
Buddy Reading with older friends!

Best part of camping? Curling up with a good book!

Game Day
We spent the day playing academic games... from phonics duck duck goose to sight word Candyland, a floor mat version of race to 100. So much fun!
100 chart Race to 100!

Sight Word Candyland!

Hat Day
Everyone wore hats!

Inside Out Day
Students had morning meeting (including saluting the flag at the actual flag pole), reading and writing classes outside today! Seminar also spent a good deal of time experimenting with water outside!
Working on Writing Activities!

Jammies Day
We were comfy ALL day!

Kindness Day
We made cards for individuals in the building who help us, like Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Brown!

Lunch Picnic
It rained this day! But we were a persistent group of picnickers... we picnicked in the classroom!
A little rain won't stop us!

Monster Day
We were a group of monsters, and completed monster activities!

New Name Day!
Students re-named themselves for the day and made name tags to show everyone!

Outdoor Appreciation Day
Any free moment... we were outside!

Pirate Day
I think this is the day that I regret the most missing taking pictures! We were a swashbuckling crew reading books about pirates, talking like pirates (without the swearing of course). There were some great outfits!

Question Day
Students each had a chance to ask the class a question (an either or statement) and recorded the data to create a graph to represent their question and findings!
The student in the black is organizing his friends into a choice between Batman and Spiderman. He then tallied the responses and made a graph to represent his data.

Rainbow Day
So colorful! We each wore our favorite color, lined up in rainbow order, and completed many rainbow crafts!
We made a rainbow!

I will update with more details soon!  Please keep checking the upcoming events!

Our Dramatic Play has changed to an Ice Cream Shoppe (Scribner Scoops) and the kids are having a blast filling out order forms, creating yummy (and good smelling creations) using playdough ice cream!

Our new seminar is learning about the scientific process. Making predictions, testing hypothesis and compiling and recording results! We have been completing experiments based around water and ice! We have made floating and sinking books, tested/predicted floating and sinking and created boats to hold snap cubes! They have been super interested!
Foil boats!

This boat held 177 snap cubes!